And we’re off! Media 360 begins…

We have just arrived at The Grand Hotel in Brighton for this year’s Media360. There are some great topics this year, including: the effectiveness conundrum of long term wins vs. short term gain; the audiences, advertising and objectivity impacted by the data standards revolution; AI...

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PrettyGreen toasts Kopparberg win

The sun’s out and it sort of feels like it’s just for us this week, what with the amazing news that we have been welcomed into the Kopparberg family as their retained PR agency. Because what better way to enjoy your celebratory cider, than out...

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An evening of empowerment with Embrace

“Your body is not an ornament, it is the vehicle to your dreams” – Taryn Brumfitt.   There’s a body image crisis embedded in our society right now. It defies gender and age, and can be all-consuming, to the point of diagnosable mental health conditions bound to...

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A fake news concept showing a printed newspaper with a magnifying glass highlighting an underlying message on the front page headline - 3D render

The Truth Behind Fake News

Following the US Presidential election and Brexit campaigns, our world seems to have become increasingly distorted by fake news; but why do we accept it, and where do we go next?     Many deem the post truth age to be a societal threat, but fake news itself...

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Jamie Laing features in a tasteful photoshoot to launch new Oasis flavours, Apple Cherry Sour and Kiwi Apple Sour.

© Tom Horton

How to get people to buy Oasis

When you’ve got an exciting new Oasis drink to promote and you have an Oasis’ ‘refreshing stuff’ platform as your creative springboard, there’s only one thing to do, create the MOST REFRESHING PR campaign in history! We created a campaign throwing every PR trick in the book via...

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Is it time for a new grime?

Grime has had quite the couple of years after a quiet spell in the mid to late 00s. ‘German Whip’ acted as a catalyst in 2014 and led to BBK headline slots at Wireless, Skepta winning a Grammy and Stormzy breaking records for freestyles in...

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