Swim like a fish, cycle like a demon and run without falling over


Sunday 13th July has been on Jess Hargreaves’ mind for some time now and not because of that minor football event happening over the other side of the world…

Oh no, far more exciting it was finally her wish list  ‘complete a triathlon’ day.  If you work at PrettyGreen, you’ve had the pleasure of listening to her very interesting discussions on Triathlon training and her battle with trying to live a clean and healthy life – we’ve heard lots of ‘No, I can’t drink but, oh go on then just a sambucca’.

It started in earnest when she did a pre-training event with RGActive and it was clear on the following Monday that the panic had set in… so since then she has got up every saturday morning for the sheer joy of swimming in a murky lake at 8.30am – it has to be that early because at 10am the fishermen have the licence for the rest of the day – so swimming with trout, weeds and baby ducklings has become her staple (as has swallowing copious amounts of pond water in the process).  This followed by runs, bike rides and weekly personal trainer vomit inducing sessions… yes it’s been a long build for us all.

So with 2 other friends also having a mid-life crisis she descended onto Eton Dorney Lake on Sunday along with 1000 other women including Melanie C and Victoria Pendleton, raising money for Breast Cancer research.

On reflection she has decided that it really was a brilliant day.  From getting hugs from strangers at the start who all shared their panic together, jumping in the water and warming up with shouts of ‘next time lets all do a coffee morning’ to the horror of forgetting to put her race numbers on post swim and having to go back into transition and losing time (bad call Jess) to the apparent impossible task of trying to move her legs into some sort of a running motion after a 21k bike sprint.

photo copy

Her time?  Well apparently her secret goal was 1 hour 30 minutes, but she is cursing that if only she hadn’t mucked up her transitions so badly… but as her daughter Isobel has sensibly said ‘it’s only 180 seconds’

Watch this space as we think she is planning the next one.  Nice work.