Strictly Come Catching v Dancing on Ice

Screen shot 2010-12-06 at 18.45.28Waltzing Welshman Gavin Henson’s fancy footwork came in handy today as he met his match in a game of Catch. But not just any game of Catch. This was a game of Cadbury Spots v Stripes Catch where the balls were dropped from a crane at over 100 metres high and Gavin was pitted against David ‘Safe Hands’ Seaman as both sportsmen aimed to break the world record for the highest catch ever.

The team assembled at 5.30am at Wembley, the home of many a dropped ball, and with a freezing fog obscuring the top of the crane, the conditions for a Guinness World Record attempt looked tricky to say the least….But with two international sportsmen competing for the pride of their sports as well as the pride of the nation, we should have known better. After ten practice drops, David Seaman’s famous fingers managed to hold onto a ball dropped from a staggering 102.5metres. A new world record was created. And then shortly after, with only one ball left to go, Gavin managed to repeat the feat and catch one of our special purple balls.

The day’s activity kicked off a nationwide game of Catch we’re playing for Cadbury Spots v Stripes. We’ve created 50 spotty and 50 stripey balls which we’re sending out around the country for everybody to get involved. If you get hold of a ball take a picture of yourself and send it to Cadbury to be in with the chance of being on the winning team, and the chance of winning £5,000! Check out the Spots v Stripes Catch website to get involved.

Each ball has a GPS embedded in it, so you can even track the balls. It’s what we’re calling a new social experiment. Will people pass on a ball and play catch, or simply keep it – May the best ball win!!

Now where’s that heater (not that Lucy and Lynsey needed a heater, as they tried to keep warm snuggling up to Gavin).