Stratospheric Imagination, Stratospheric Success

Over 4 years ago, we were told that there was a secret plan to take Felix Baumgartner to the edge of space and that at that height he would freefall and break the speed of sound. As implausible as it may have sounded, the fact we were being told by Red Bull, we knew it was a serious idea.

The difference this time was that this mission wasn’t just about doing something because it could be done. This time there was a real desire not only to push the boundaries of human ability, but also to push the boundaries in the name of science.

This week has seen that ambition, desire and dogged perseverance, combined with what can only be described as huge metal cojones, deliver what is undoubtedly one of the most amazing spectacles any of us have ever witnessed.

Red Bull Stratos - Final Manned Flight

We’re very lucky and feel honoured to be part of Team Stratos, it’s been a long roller-coaster ride of a journey, but we are left feeling exhilarated and glad we got onboard.

When the content is that good, as a PR Agency to take any credit feels wrong. Honestly the true heroes here are Red Bull and Felix. We salute you.