Stratospheric Manhattan Heights

Picture 8Our International duo, Lisa and Ravi, have returned to the PrettyGreen mothership from the uber cool and cold New York (thankfully for Lisa as she was starting to think she’d relocated to Manhattan… you are not Carrie Bradshaw!), and are still wide-eyed after involvement in the launch of Red Bull Stratos.

With a project that has been a closely guarded secret for quite some time, it was a real moment when on Friday, 22 January 2010, we saw lift off to the world.  The global news conference, with a backdrop from the spectacular 40th floor of the New York Academy of Sciences, announced the scope of the mission.

After so many months of being embedded within planning there can be a danger of losing a sense of emotional connection with a project.  However, this is a project that has never stopped keeping our brains alive, and will continue to do so as the months continue.

Lisa and Ravi were certainly kept busy whilst away, working as anyone would to launch a global project – hard! – but the exhilaration of witnessing global media interest unfold was in their words “incredible”.   The morning of the news conference started with Felix and Joe Kittinger on the sofa of NBC’s Today programme and ended quite a few hours later with Felix being interviewed by one of Sweden’s biggest tabloids.   And we have to salute a Russian TV news crew who hurriedly appeared at the conference to interview Felix ‘post jump’… ahem, a little premature.

Picture 9

Our globetrotting two also cite being a part of a first-class project and Client communications team as a real high too – with the team collectively celebrating the launch in true Manhattan style: cosmos all round.

And this is just the beginning… stayed tuned as events unfold.