Stop Nibbling The Apple And Take A Large Bite

Picture 3Up until now we’ve let the big power machine behind the launch of Windows 7 chug slowly past us.  That’s not to say we escaped it – who could’ve done? – but it’s probably because we’re really not ‘a PC’.

However, this week, some of our friends stateside, particularly those on the West Coast (who are also, arguably, the tech savviest of the lot) got us talking about the Microsoft versus Apple debate.  They seem pretty het up about where the line of ‘imitation = flattery’, starts and ends.  The general conclusion being, and no surprises here, that the NPD geeks at Microsoft literally watched, waited and took a bite of the Apple mac (and possibly a ride on the snow leopard’s back to boot).

Picture 9OK, so we can maybe give a bit of credit to the slow-burning but strategic build up to the unveiling of Windows 7.  We’re talking about the hopeful assertiveness of the ‘I’m a PC’ (or I’m a geek and you’ve no desire to look or be anything like me) strap-line, but let’s face it, you also can’t help but think ‘come on, stop being so lame, Microsoft’ – play the game by treating consumers like sophisticated tech users and why not actually take on Apple with clever new innovations, design, style and substance.

We hate to admit but think Microsoft really could come into its own here; it’s a business that’s built on technological advances.  Yet, with Windows 7 tipping a big wink to Apple mac functions, it just goes to show how a competing brand’s solid emotional connection with consumers can influence business decisions.   So it’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft, with its current campaign, can build intangible consumer brand love to envy that of Apple’s.   And this is where clever marketers at Microsoft really need understand more about the depth of emotional connectivity to come up with the goods.

So until we feel proud to get a PC out at a pitch and boot up, we’re going to be sticking to a white glowing PrettyGreen apple