Stimulating and Motivating

When you get a call to tell you that there are traces of  cocaine in one of your Clients products and certain country officials are looking to ban it temporarily, you’re never sure how to react when everyone’s always known the products totally natural and has coca leaf in it. Apparently 60% of British pound notes have more cocaine than our Clients products so we dusted off a calculator (we were distracted remembering how to spell “shell-oil” for a while) and worked out you’d need to drink about 10,000 litres to be tested positively.

We asked a few people last week about whether our Blog needed to become more serious, and we actually got some very negative feedback about effectively posting a press release about X-Fighters “lazy”, “boring”, “not what we expect” were a few of the comments. Well that told us, so we won’t be doing that again.

We’ve also  been holding 3 month reviews with a number of Clients, which have all been really insightful and constructive. No lost Clients thankfully, and it actually looks like we’ve secured all the 2010 work for a Client we’re doing a project for, on the back of it, which is really exciting.

Our internal Nando’s Wrap launch motivation project has also gone live. We were asked to create a video with the staff, and create a competition encouraging restaurants to create their own wrap. It went from a simple parody of Wrappers Delight with a few people from Head Office, to a bonkers video with Goldie, Lisa Snowdon, Melinda Messenger, Andi Peters to name but a few. However, the responses posted on their intranet are even funnier. Bohemian Wrapsody with the opening line of “Nando’s Just Filled A Man” is pure genius.

The big debate this week has been over Nando’s. We’ve received our Agency High Five card which gets us unlimited Nando’s at any of their restaurants. The debate was whether or not eating Nando’s 2 times a day was abuse of the card. It’s addictive (truth be told chili is addictive, so we’re surprised that it’s not been banned in a European country unhappy with one of our other Clients products)!

In the House, Em’s has decided to start a running club. Healthy body and healthy minds etc. However, she’s taken the more direct approach to garner interest and team involvement “Get Fit or Get Fat” was the last line of the email. Seems to have worked though. Every Wednesday if you fancy a gentle jog, come and join us. Starting off with a 5km Regents Park run and a cheeky spritzer at the end.