Step aboard the LEGO Duplo Number Train!

This October half-term, the LEGO DUPLO Number Train pulled into thecentre:mk, Milton Keynes and Manchester Arndale shopping centre, inviting children to hop aboard the life-size LEGO DUPLO Number Train immersive brand experience.


The Number Train’s chipper engineers greeted the bright-eyed builders and future train drivers. Welcoming young builders to let their imagination run wild and build their very own DUPLO train, space rocket, castle, the ‘world’s tallest tower’ or anything else wonderfully creative that popped into their heads.


Much to their delight, there was also a photo op where visitors could take their photo ‘driving’ the LEGO DUPLO Number Train, but not before donning their very own train drivers cap.


The fun-filled building experience continued within the three colourful carriages. Families could match the bricks in their respective coloured tubes – fuelling the train – as well as building, and inevitably, crashing and toppling their towers. But most importantly, these budding LEGO Master Builders could interact, share and make friends, all whilst exploring their creativity.


We saw some incredible builds – from not only the amazing talented kids but also their very competitive parents too! The height of some of these towers would certainly give the Burj Khalifa a run for its money. Us PrettyGreeners had a massive throwback to our childhood and you know what? We loved it.


Plus, we’ll leave you with two fun facts we learnt this week: a LEGO DUPLO brick is also compatible with regular LEGO bricks, and that a LEGO brick from 1958 would still interlock with a brick today.





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