Staff Shortages During Recession?

We’re being told that there’s a shortage of talent available for selection. Yet we’re meant to be in our deepest recession and have the highest unemployment we’ve had for 20 years.

Now something doesn’t quite add up.

Is it that Clients like Red Bull, Cadbury, Nando’s and Trident, aren’t appealing. Or is it that offices in Clerkenwell, are now uncool or there truly a shortage of good marketing people? Seems somewhat strange but that’s what we’re being told.

We’re thinking of actually beginning to grow our own, but we’re not sure what we’d clone:-
– Nicks height
– Coco’s pragmatism
– Sian’s fitness levels
– Hamish’s snowboarding skills
– Emma’s lovelyness
– Claire’s happy dispositio
– Jess’ spreadsheet jedi skills
– Strings’ tenacity
– Mandy’s hair
– Lucy’s speed typing

We’re not sure what it would look like, but it would be like having the Terminator on your team.