Spring In Your Step

spring-your-stepIt felt quite spring like last week, the sun even shone, and we even managed to sneak in an evening of drinking sat outside a bar, not bad for February.

The week kicked off with the launch of Red Bull Bedroom Jam (after a few technical gremlins, were ironed out) which will see some great new and established acts playing in the Bedroom.

We pitched for a new Client, which Nick was really excited about, as it will mean getting our hands on lots of dresses if we win it (a 6ft 2, 15 stone rugby forward, always looks good in a floral print).

Our big international project gathers momentum, and Lisa’s off to LA for the week, we just wished the pound was stronger, as Springs just round the corner and there’s buying to be done.

We spent the week trying to sort out our new phone system, so apologies if you tried calling and we ignored you. It’s not that you’re not important (although you might not be). It’s just that we’ve just got these new wireless desk phones that we’ve been testing and we can get as far as 3 pubs, 2 restaurants, and a bank, but we just can’t work out how to answer them and stop jumping every time they ring.

We’d also like to try and get the Gov’t not only to spend time focussing on the Banks assisting small Co’s but also phone Co’s. If you need lots of Blackberry’s and are willing to pay for them you’d have thought you’d just be able to buy them. Oh no, not so simple. And god forbid that we want International calls.

If you’re ever looking for a great strategic workshop co. then obviously we think we’re not bad, but we spent a day working with The FuturesĀ  Laboratory last week, and we were suitably impressed. Not only with the thinking, but with the fact they brought a Kineisologist, and musician along to help keep us stimulated. We’re thinking about getting one or both for the office.

We did continue the musical theme back in the office with a rapping contest to produce a song for a new Client (don’t ask). Once again Claire won hands down, we’ll publish her effort in a few weeks. Have to say, it still makes us smile and burst into song every time we read it.

Anyway, that was the week that was, and now we’re gearing up for the week that is.