You Spin Me Right Round, Baby, Right Round…

EA’s Dead Space franchise has been terrorising gamers since they were first introduced to protagonist Isaac Clarke and his Necromorph foes back in 2008. With Dead Space 3 hitting stores today, we couldn’t think of a better excuse to take some press on an out-of-this-world trip and let them experience a little taste of astronaut training for themselves.


Hidden within the labyrinthine streets of Farnborough, on a site so secret it doesn’t have a postcode, lies the country’s only human centrifuge, a 10 metre-long, 47 tonne spinning metal arm of nausea-inducing evil. Strapped into a replica fighterjet cockpit, our ever-so slightly nervous guests were spun at speeds of up to 35mph, which might sound pedestrian, but is more than enough to experience the pull of 4.4Gz (so that someone weighing 10 stones would suddenly feel like they weighed 44 stones).


PrettyGreen’s Katie Hunter – yes she is saying what you think she’s saying!


PrettyGreen’s Jack Davy – He no longer has eyebrows. In the extended version of this they disappear off his face.

Physiological effects include losing your vision and feeling like you’re falling over while still strapped to your seat! If that wasn’t enough trauma for one day, media also had access to a number of consoles to play the game itself, although we were kind and left the lights on – didn’t want to frazzle them too much in one day!