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Interview with Rob Da Bank about Sonic Cinema.

Friday, September 30th, 2011

Ahead of next week’s PrettyFresh & BFI collaboration, called Sonic Cinema, we caught up with the Sunday Best curator and Radio One impresario. Recovering from ” The best Bestival in years” in his words, Rob is excited to be on the Southbank for our inaugural event.

On the original idea to re-score King Kong.

” I was looking at ways of making my radio show more interesting and audio/visual for the internet. The idea was to come up with a soundtrack for an imaginary show. The BBC liked the idea and wanted to do something for BBC4. They sent me a list of films and I chose King Kong. I remember watching it as a kid and thought why not…”

On the choice of tracks

“There’s some Pixies in there, a bit of Bruce Springsteen..A bit of dubstep, a bit of electronica. The soundtrack hasn’t stayed exactly the same each time. It keeps it interesting for me. ”

On why it’s a different experience.

I like the fact it’s a different discipline – I like sweaty clubs and festivals of course, but it’s more demanding, stressful and rewarding. You have to think more: people are watching the screen so I have to make sure of small things – like not putting a happy track on if someone is dying or whatever…”

On playing to the crowd.

It’s a bit ‘seat of the pants’ you could say – I’d say ‘free flowing’. Just like a DJ set really. It’s not that I’ve just pressed a button on a hard-drive. The disclaimer is, don’t expect military precision!

On doing it at the home of cinema.

I’ve done it twice now – in Manchester and recently in Jersey – both brilliant, alternative events. Bringing it to the BFI Southbank is a bit “Oh dear – better make it work then…”.  It’s a privilege to be doing it here – I’m feeling a bit dwarfed by the surroundings but luckily I’m standing alongside King Kong to help me out…”

There was loads more, but that’s your lot for now… come to the event where there will be a Q&A between Tayo and Rob before and after the screening, as well as a chance for questions from the audience. We will also be playing music in the Benugo Bar & Kitchen afterwards til 1am.

Tickets are still available from the BFI Southbank site – See you next week…

Adidas Do-Over

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011

Having never been to Brooklyn, the Do-Over Street Party that happened there on Sunday was every bit the cultural masterpiece you’d imagine it to be. No wait, hold on, although you would assume that’s where we were, we were in fact in Shoreditch, London, UK.

The party, hosted at Rivington Place was up there with some of my favourite parties ever. The plan was, being a Sunday, to head down, have a beer or two, leave and head home for a nice steady Sunday. The reality was that I arrived at 3pm, realised this was a monster and stood partying at the side of the decks until about 10. I didn’t go to the bar, I didn’t go to the toilet, I didn’t eat (from the awesome BBQ), my legs went numb, my ears went deaf and my neck is STILL aching from 7 hours of continuous head bopping. That was an effort at demonstrating how awesome every single track was for 7 straight hours.

There were sets from Joy Orbison, Stretch Armstrong, Gaslamp Killer (some crazy-ass, big-haired guy from LA who played some of the biggest most awesome beats I never heard) and Aloe Blacc who was singing and getting in amongst it with the crowd.

The event was supposedly sponsored by Adidas however I’m sceptical as to how accurate that information was because I never saw a single bit of Adidas branding or heard any mentions. There certainly were no free drinks. Either way the addition of a big-name sponsor drew in a cool crowd consisting of about 400,000 babes, Shoreditch scenesters by the dozen and a crowd so big outside the gate that the riot police dropped by to check everything was in order.

If you EVER hear of one of these events going on near you somewhere else, do whatever it takes to get through the gate. Call everyone you know who might be able to get you in. Bribe people. Make up names. Helicopter yourself in. Sell kidneys.

Or you can just queue for half an hour.

Sonic Cinema launches – Rob Da Bank to re-score King Kong

Friday, August 12th, 2011

PrettyFresh and the BFI Southbank are pleased to announce the launch of an exclusive new event. Sonic Cinema will regularly explore and celebrate music and the moving image, presenting feature films, documentaries and live performances. It will be a chance to investigate the music in films, and films about music; always ending with an “After-Show” party in the Benugo bar and kitchen

On Friday October 7th we’re very excited to have old friend, festival impresario and radio legend Rob Da Bank for our inaugural show. Ernest B Shoedsack’s silent classic, King Kong has been re-imagined with music from the likes of Sigur Ros, Flaming Lips, Radiohead, Lee Scratch Perry, Black Sabbath, Portishead, Harry Connick Junior, Bon Iver, and Laurie Anderson, amongst others. Rob will play live in the theatre at the BFI over the film. Afterwards Rob will chat with co-curator Tayo Popoola about his choices, before we de-camp to the Benugo bar & kitchen for music from Tayo and friends.

We managed to catch up with Rob who said:

‘I’ve performed my alternative soundtrack to King Kong once for BBC3, and once live in front of an audience…I cant wait to try it again as it’s totally live and quite scary..a bit like the film.
I actually chose the 1933 original of King Kong as it’s one of the few films the BBC owns, so no-one had a problem with me fooling about with the soundtrack. I’m a music man through and through, and love film too, but never expected that I’d be doing something like this at the BFI Southbank.. I’m already feeling the pressure but in my head thats a good thing… hope to see you down there”

Tickets can be purchased for this event from the BFI website here.

Stay tunes for more exciting collaborations between us here at PrettyFresh and the BFI Southbank.

Hessle Audio, Chemical Brothers, Prince.

Monday, July 4th, 2011

This weekend was musically amazing. It took in a late night shuffle with the best of the dance music underground, hobnobbing with dance music’s elite, then worshipping at the altar of a throwback pop star.

To wit: Hessle Audio & Tectonic takeover at Fabric on Friday with Pearson Sound, Jackmaster, Ben UFO, Oneman, Pinch, Distance Loefah & more.

Then onto Wireless, as a grateful  guest of The Chemical Brothers, where they wowed a defiantly NOT underground crowd with their lights and 15 years of hits.. We’ve seen them three times in the last month and enjoyed every second of every minute.. afterwards somewhere backstage was a feast of back slapping, wine drinking and bad dancing before we ended up discussing the merits of Biggy Smalls over Nas until daylight somewhere in West London…

From there we went to Hop Farm, an incongruous setting to see one of the biggest stars in musical history. Prince came on and wowed the crowd with a selection of his best known hits, best loved B-sides and LP tracks, a Michael Jackson cover, A Sly & Family Stone medley, and all with a band as sharp as the cream two piece he strutted out in. Highlights? Pah. Lowlights would be easier. There was only one – when the lights came up at the end. An incredible performance from a real STAR – show us someone in the crowd who felt he didn’t earn the seven figures he was reputedly paid, and we’ll show you the very definition of curmudgeon.

Here’s a selection from the weekend… “Stifle” by Pearson Sound, Star Guitar by the Chemical Brothers, and a wonky hand held recording of a bit of Prince doing “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” – as nothing of his exists legally on Youtube of course. But that’s another story… Enjoy. Oh and Happy Monday.


Amber States

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

Five-piece folk ensemble Amber States treated their fans to a magical set as they supported White Denim at the Wheelbarrow in Camden last night.

A collaboration of keys, cello, banjo and guitar, Amber States filled the pub with their charming melodies, reinforcing the fact that nothing beats the sound of live music.

Amber States will be making their way through the UK festival circuit this summer, so make sure you look out for them.

Here’s our favourite of their songs – Fall From Grace. Enjoy.

Odd Future stage invasion @ Camden Crawl

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Prior to yesterday’s show at Camden Crawl the hype around Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (or OFWGKTA/Odd Future/Wolf Gang depending on your preference for abbreviations) had been a topic of much discussion in PrettyFresh HQ. Sure, the reports and videos from SXSW portrayed them as a hip hop act with a stage show more like a punk riot than a head nodding Jazz Cafe affair, but, was this level of energy reserved for big US shows – where the media was watching intently prior to the release of Tyler The Creator’s first commercial release – or, were we going to get the same, stage diving, crowd riling mayhem that had gained them so much acclaim over the pond?

It was looking hopeful as reports of hospital visits for OFWGKTA members earlier in the week following injuries at other UK gigs were a promising sign that there was going to be no let up in the group’s performance the other side of the Atlantic. Still, we weren’t prepared for what was to come. Fans turned out in mass for the band’s outdoor show at the Red Bull Bedroom Jam stage, with audience members climbing on top of anything and everything in order to get a better view. Chants of ‘Wolf Gang’ welcomed the band to the arena as the stage’s rig kicked out the bass laden beats from OFWGKTA DJ Syd Tha Kid. And what happened next? Check out the video report below from Pinboard Blog as seeing is believing – and make sure you keep watching for a finish to the set which no one, especially the security, had expected.

D-Bridge Mix – Tracksuit party promo pressure!

Friday, April 1st, 2011

D Bridge is a drum and bass legend. We first met him in the mid 90′s when he was in a crew called Future Forces and recording for Trouble On Vinyl and Renegade Hardware. The offices were just down from where we lived so we used to hang out there and leave laden with promos. Darren and his partner Jason Maldini were always really cool with us. Through Future Forces he went on to set up Bad Company, tearing the drum and bass scene a new one. He’s changed lanes again and is breaking barriers once more with his Autonomic nights and Exit label imprint.
He is going back to the old school on 22nd April for Tayo’s Tracksuit Party, as part of the Lovebox Pop Up Weekender. For a taste of what to expect here he is mashing up the dance at Metalheadz. Just cos we like you. One for the weekend. Enjoy it HERE