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PrettyGreen Sounds Podcast – Episode 5

The latest instalment is ready for your ears.

This week, we have Sophia Gardener’s English cousin in, we talk Cliff Diving and the music is themed with the final days of summer. And whatever we fancy.

PrettyGreen Sounds Podcast – Episode 5 by Prettygreensounds on Mixcloud

The Best-ival

This weekend we’re heading south to the one-and-only, Bestival. With Stevie Wonder on the line up it’s promising to be an amazing and (hopefully) sunny weekend.

In the office, the festival’s fancy dress theme this year – wildlife – has produced a couple of pretty freaky costumes.

Claire has decided ‘terrifying zebra’ is her get up of choice:

Whilst Jack Davy has opted for ‘terrifying horse/Sherlock Holmes’ cross over:

It seems they’ve confused the the theme for ‘scaring the hell out of drunks’.

Anyway here’s some Stevie

The Best Party Of The Year

Throw the lovely people of London, a massive sound system, a part-bionic-soldier-DJ-duo and a free bar under the Westway on Carnival weekend and you’re bound to have some fun. Lucky for us (and everyone else who attended yesterday), that’s what Red Bull Music Academy have been doing for 6 years now, and they get it oh-so-right every time.

This year the Major Lazer Notting Hill Carvnival party brought the big guns with a lineup including: Lunice, Melé, Lil Silva, Rodigan, Dre Skull & Machel Montano, Nicky Da B and, probably most excitingly for the super fans hidden away inside us, Sean Paul.

There was much talk beforehand about the ultra-special secret guest and they couldn’t have got much bigger than Dubstep giant, Skrillex. Taking to the decks with proficient flair, the recently announced second highest paid DJ in the world, gave us a bass heavy mix reaching beyond the Dubstep parameters of his now world renowned sets.

If you missed it, not too worry, all the sets will be up on the Red Bull Music Academy site shortly (which recently had an overhaul, and is frankly, lovely)

P.S. Also, Jack fan-boy’d Lunice:

PrettyGreen Sounds Podcast – Episode 4

PrettyGreen Sounds Podcast – Episode 4 by Prettygreensounds on Mixcloud

Jessie Ware – Drop it like it’s dots

Today see’s the release of Jessie Ware’s debut album, Devotion. The album was recorded in it’s entirety at the Red Bull Studios London and sounds ruddy brilliant.

We’ve been working with Red Bull Studios on the project and this Saturday spent the weekend working on a very special launch event: an interactive artwork in Broadway Market, East London.

A billboard-sized poster was printed and put up at the end of the street earlier in the week. On Saturday, the public were then given the opportunity to interact with it, by way of colouring the faint dots across the poster. We had all ages involved, all levels of skill and generally a great reaction all round from passers by and the locals. As the artwork was filled in over the day, the Studio Moross album artwork became clearer until fully developed. The artwork will be on show until the 26th of August and actually, we’re pretty proud of it! Van Gogh or something?

Having heard it a lot on Saturday, we can thoroughly recommend Devotion, chilled out, well arranged and a genuine display of talent. Make sure to tune in to hear Jessie’s performance at the Red Bull site tonight – www.redbullstudios.com/jessieware

PrettyGreen Sounds Podcast 3

In this week’s episode, we’ve got Olympic fever.

PrettyGreen Sounds Episode 3 by Prettygreensounds on Mixcloud

PrettyGreen Sounds Podcast – Episode 2

PrettyGreen Sounds FINALLY gets back on track.

We got in the studio and recorded episode 2 of the podcast following several weeks away.

PrettyGreen Sounds Episode 2 by Prettygreensounds on Mixcloud

The Rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain. The rain in LEEDS however, falls on Roundhay Park

Over the past two weekends the PrettyGreen and Nando’s teams have produced two out of three of the Nando’s GigNics series for 2012! The conditions couldn’t have been more different, bright sunshine and shorts in London followed by more ‘traditional’ British picnic weather; heavy rain and wind in Leeds this weekend. On the plus side, it did give us a reason to spend unreasonable amounts of money on various footwear we’ve always wanted the excuse to buy. I DO need DM’s and the girls DID need Hunters. Fact.

The events which bring together gigs and picnics have so far been a roaring success with performances in London from Rizzle Kick’s, Stooshe, Cover Drive, Clement Marfo and the Frontline and a surprise appearance from Ed Sheeran as well as King Charles, Chew Lips, Loveable Rogues and Daley this weekend in Leeds. That’s quite an achievement for our in house virgin-stage programmer. Not that she mentioned it. In fairness it was a better line up than the time Nelson Mandella celebrated his birthday.

The PrettyGreen events and PR team have pulled together to deliver some amazing acts, the stage timing has run to the minute and of course, a chicken feast has travelled across the country to say a big thanks to everyone who’s helped Nando’s rise to popularity! I think it’s fair to say the PrettyGreen team have benefitted in that we no longer need to see the Nando’s menu before ordering. Being asked ‘have you been to Nando’s before’, is basically an insult these days.

The First PrettyGreen Sounds Podcast

So after a few trial runs, here’s the first ever PrettyGreen Sounds Podcast. Includes swearing because it’s big and clever

PrettyGreen Sounds Episode 1 by Prettygreensounds on Mixcloud

Video Killed The Radio Star

Call it ‘the OK Go effect’. Occasionally you get a music video that outshines the track it sits alongside by such a distance that it seems as if the track was an after thought. Anyway, this is amazing