Sound Bites

img_0364We’re not sure whether the future of Digital should be about being unregulated or regulated. Whether your Lord Carter, or Lady Gaga, no-one seems to be too sure as to how this is going to play out. Maybe it’s going to take the collapse of a major TV channel, or google ruling the world that will help force the issue

It does however feel like regulations are going to be forced upon, by fair or foul means. The question to probably ask is if it was your film, music or image that someone had stolen, wouldn’t you want or back, or at least to be paid for it. It might be a little inconvenient that YouTube has to take a few video’s down, but we’re sure the PRS and YouTube will eventually come to a compromise. A meeting with some nice biscuits and a cup of tea might help.

Meanwhile down at our local tubes, we’re now being greeted by the sight of metal detectors. Seems a little drastic but maybe that’s what it’s going to take, but don’t we need to try and understand the cultural shift rather than just take the knives away. Maybe Youtube could send some biscuits along to the local youth clubs.

Anyway, we’ve got Mike starting with us tomorrow, to work on Cadbury 2012 with Jess P. Nice to have a new team coming together and we’re looking forward to seeing what his tea making skills are like, but we’re definitely beginning to feel a little bit tight on space (Mandy wondered whether he might turn up with some biscuits, Nick thought he might just bring a knife)

The office has been music-tastic the last few days, as the season kicks off this week in Austin, and sees our first Agency venture out to SXSW, which is exciting, at the same time a great brief came in for Ibiza which we’ll can’t really talk about, but looks like a lot of fun, and our global music icon project gathers momentum. The big debate has been over Michael Jackson and his 50 dates, to go or not to go. Fact, fiction, smoke without fire. Once again the office is well and truly divided, so much so, it’s led to a few heated moon-walking debates, and lots of jokes about who’s supporting him (no it’s not Boyzone).

We’re also going to keep adding fuel to the fire over the Digital Britain, as we’re working on two great new Digital projects. We’re not sure about regulations, clearance rights, IP ownership etc. However, what we do know is that we’re having a lot of  fun trying to know the sound of music.