Social Media Week London – The Good, Bad & Ugly in Social Media

It’s time for part 2 of our Social Media Week London review.

We attended the ‘Good, Bad & the Ugly” at the Bloomberg offices on Finsbury Square. A panel of 6 (including the lovely Jerry Daykin) presented, with 2 tackling each example of the good the bad and the ugly across social media.

Starting with the good, the example offered was a reactive back and forth via a TV advert from Santam insurance and Nando’s South Africa. After Nando’s parodied Santam’s advert, a back and forth exchange began via ads. The brilliance is in both brands embracing this reactively and essentially daring the other into responding. FYI, Nando’s definitely wins.

From a good use of reactive media to brands jumping onto reactive for the sake of it. In social there can be a lot of pressure to be reactive and current, and so it should be – social media is practically tailor made to be reactive. However too many brands jump aboard when there really is no relevance. The example given for “bad” being an unnamed coffee brand on the day of the Grand National tweeting “Nearly time for the #GrandNational – who wants a coffee?”. Coffee and the Grand National, going hand in hand since …. Ummm?!?

And now, it’s time for the ugly. Monitoring and crisis escalation is imperative in social, and it has rarely been more evident than with Amazon in March this year when they stocked a highly inappropriate range of t-shirts. Whilst this story broke online over a weekend, it was missed on social due to a lack of monitoring, with scheduled tweets coming out linking to other products, missing the torrent of questions and complaints being sent on this issue. The result was a weekend’s worth of angry messages on Twitter and Facebook, articles on Yahoo news, The Guardian, CNN and even Perez Hilton. The moral? If you have one of the largest social communities around, it’s probably worth having some moderation in place for the weekends. Read more about Amazon’s epic fail here.

We’ll have more news from Social Media Week London with you later this week!