Social Media Week London – Future Trends

Last week was Social Media Week London, and team digital decided it was about time to go along and try interacting with people IRL. That’s ‘in real life’ for those of you who don’t spend an obscene amount of time online trying to stay ahead of the curve with cat-lolz.

Future Trends

We began the week in style, with cronuts and Jimmy’s Iced Coffee at Future Trends, hosted by Founder and MD of Battenhall, Drew Benvie. After highlighting some of the best social media examples of the year (yes, Burberry was obviously in there!) he talked about what he thinks the next big things in the digital world will be. Here’s our highlights:

  • Twitter will go full circle – Generation C, made up of millennials, are the biggest voice on Twitter at the moment and they are content creators. Brands should be aware of this dominating demographic on Twitter.
  • Life Logging – People are capturing and sharing everyday moments more and more, from snapping an image of their lunch to sharing their Nike Fuel Band results. Brands should be tuning into this data to find out more about their audiences.
  • Single Purpose Apps – Rather than using one app for everything, people are using many different apps that specialize in one thing. The big ones are Instagram, Vine, Keek,, Twitter, Tumblr and What’s App.

    Stay tuned to the blog for more highlights from Social Media Week London next week!