So The Judges Decided…

Screen shot 2010-10-21 at 09.47.58… that we were best new consultancy at the PR Week Awards.

A night of much hilarity was had, even before we won. Nick was repaid for his gag last year of changing Mandy’s name to Pooring in the brochure. This year he became “Storkon”, and Red Bull and shots started before a bread knife had been lifted.

Table banter was fast and furious, and before we knew it, there we were up on stage, slightly shocked and surprised collecting an award. One that just felt right.

And then the champagne 21 gun salute started, and things got a little bit hazy. A very happy PrettyGreen partied into the night, still not quite believing it had all come good.

Now we just need to find the trophy. Last seen in an ice bucket surrounded by bottles of champagne.

Thank you to the judges, and the great write up, and thank you to everyone who came over to say well done (you know who you are), and for all the phone calls and emails. It’s much appreciated and actually made us feel very proud to work in an industry with such an honourable bunch.