Snowed In

It’s cold, fact. And being British we’re pre-occupied with the weather. Whether that be how hot it’s going to be, or how cold, how much it’s going to rain, shine, or in winter Snow.

We were once told it’s because in the UK, we just don’t have definable weather, therefore it makes for ice-breaking conversations.

We’ve also found a great new site linking twitter and snow! The idea is that you can rate the snow in your area from 0 (no snow) to 10 (Blizzard!), using #uksnow and your postcode in the tweet. It’s then posted on a UK map for all to see.

There’s been some varied contributions. @Harriettatton is worried she won’t be able to get to university tomorrow (an odd worry for a student) as she gave the snow in her area a mark of 5, @Paulmitchell even saw a snowboarder on the way to the pub! Whereas @Johnnyrandle said how ‘Costa Del Essex hasn’t succumbed to the white stuff yet’.

Nice idea and and this morning we’ve woken up and seen that finally the snow has hit the capital. Check it out for yourself, if you can’t be bothered looking out your window