Snow Business Like …….

snowball fight, percy streetSo the week started in Percy Street with a good old fashioned Snowball fight (for those of us who made it in) with the North Vs South and ended with David Bentley’s Skip Kick (see below). Two things we never thought we would see but enjoyed in equal measure and perfect bookends for another frenetic week in the Green House.

Strings has been having secret meetings in Chiswick with an International contingent – we’re not sure what he’s up to but he assures us it’s going to lift our spirits. (We think he’s been testing his french brew again). Staying West, The Kitchen has captured the spirit of romanticism with a week of Valentine specials including Men only sessions. If all goes to plan, you’ll see and hear more this week with a series of broadcast features in London.

New people mean a new dynamic and Nick’s arrival has definitely balanced out the male, female ratio nicely… and he certainly made his mark with Pretty Green’s first viral campaign. Two airings on Soccer AM and a whopping 40,000 hits on YouTube (and rising) in a little over 24 hours isn’t bad. As a big strapping bloke, Strings has had him building things all week. We now have more tables than people, and office Feng Shui is causing us much debate (what does a frog at the door exactly do). With Lisa starting on Monday and 2 more people due to start by the end of the week, we’re thinking we might need to start tunneling into next door quite soon.

There’s also been a lot of debate about interviews, as we’ve been doing them all week. Surely if you’re coming for an interview you’d have done a little bit of research. The markets going South, jobs are hard to come by and we’re recruiting. At least look keen – If you are reading this prior to coming in, out of politeness, find out what you’re coming in for, who the person is your seeing and a little bit of background about the Co (the next person who doesn’t we’re going to name and shame).

The office is also divided on Twittering. There are some that can’t even tolerate an updated Facebook status whilst others see Twitter as the future and simplistically brilliant. Overly narcissistic or efficient social networking? The jury’s out!

Emma’s visit to The Guardian’s new open plan offices has got us thinking about their new vision (and ours). In attempt to break down the barrier between public and media they’re adopting an open door policy that encourages people to wander in at will; like a museum; and even watch their daily conferences. A novel concept and a valuable insight, it will be interesting to see who takes them up on the opportunity… A  day trip to King’s Cross might be on the cards (especially if we run out of space, we’re thinking they won’t mind a few interlopers for a while).

Sticking with the Nationals and a quick nod to the current ad campaign for The Saturday Times. Hard to escape on the tube, the quintessential Saturday moments and a new strap line – The Saturday – simple but effective as is the paper’s revamp.

Red Bull just never slows down and we were called in to help with a really exciting bid for 2010, which is looking super exciting and big news for London.

Whilst we say Farewell to Sarah who is off on her travels, we say hello to Lisa who joins us to head up a big International project.

Right enough from us, we’re off to find some celebrities to stalk (follow) on Twitter (do I really care whether or not the his bacon sandwich was nice)!!!???.