Snapchat reconnects lost friends during the pandemic: enlisting the help of Lewis Capaldi and Gillian Sandstrom

We’ve been working with our friends at Snapchat on a major campaign all around friendships, specifically how they have been impacted by the pandemic. We helped review and consult on the five-month production of Snapchat’s second global Friendship report, which conducted research with 30,000 consumers aged 13-40 on the impact of Covid-19 on friendships around the world and what makes or breaks friendship.

The research revealed that people are feeling lonelier due to the pandemic and a third feel that their friendships have weakened as a result of social distancing.  This year, 79% of us globally have lost touch with a close friend but heartening that 66% say they would like to rekindle their relationship. In the UK, the number of us that have lost touch is higher, at 88%with 70% of Brits wanting to reconnect with a friend.  

Using the insights from the report, Snapchat created the Friendship Time Capsule, a lens that shows users what their friendship with someone else looks like today and also decades into the future. The tool is a gentle prompt to ignite a conversation between friends.  

We also enlisted the help of senior psychology lecturer Gillian Sandstrom who discussed the findings to broadcast media and talked about practical ways to reconnect with friends. Snapchat also partnered with award-winning singer song writer Lewis Capaldi who used the lens to reconnect with his old friend Adam Warrington, guitarist of Yungblud.

Lewis Capaldi said: “Adam is one of my oldest pals from back home, we started off together playing shows out and about in tiny venues in Scotland. He’s an incredible guitar player and is usually off playing around the world with Yungblud now! It’s nice to have someone you grew up with going on to do amazing things and more so than ever, now is the best time to stay in touch with old friends”

We secured a mammoth 300+ pieces including features on PAMail OnlineEvening StandardStylist and broadcast hits on the likes of BBC Radio Leeds, Essex and Bristol. And it inspired a few of the team to reach out to old pals, it’s been an emotional week…