Snap Partner Summit: virtually hosting media to announce a new generation of Snapchat features

The Snap Partner Summit keynote this year was no less spectacular despite it being held virtually. Evan Spiegel and other key figures in the Snap Inc. business announced a whole raft of new features in development and some available immediately. We supported team Snap in spreading the word and making sure the right media were in attendance. 

This year’s presentation was a medley of awe-inspiring new features for users of Snap and developers alike. Some of our favourites include:

  • New scan features on the Snapchat Camera that allow you to identify 90% of all known plants and trees (perfect for the curious hiker on their lockdown walk) and 400 dog breeds (perfect for everyone because, dogs)

  • Building on its mental health tool ‘Here for You’ there are now plenty of more resources and tools for stress and anxiety, and most importantly, a feature to immediately alert Snap if users worry their friends are at risk of self-harm 

  • Snapchat app is updating Lens Studio with new features, allowing developers to use their own machine learning models to power Lenses. Essentially allowing developers to create their own lenses with networks they’ve trained 

  • Brand new premium content, including partnerships plans with Disney, ESPN, NBCUniversal, Viacom, CBS, the NBA and NFL, together with revealing a brand new slate of original content. Also including shows with Kevin Hart, Director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight), actor Anthony Anderson and reality TV pioneers Bunim/Murray (Keeping up with the Kardashians) 

  • Snap is also previewing Local Lenses, which enable a persistent, shared AR world built right on top of your neighbourhood. Soon, Snapchatters and their friends can step into this virtual space together to decorate nearby buildings with colourful paint and experience a new dimension of AR

Supporting team Snap, the Snapchat press office secured 119 piece of coverage, reaching 907 million people online (in titles including the Mail Online, The Telegraph, Evening Standard and plenty of action from PA). The keynote was attended by a cool 2,000,000 people too which wasn’t bad going either.

Tweet us your favourite new feature on @PrettyGreen. In the meanwhile, we’re off to scan more dogs.