Smarter Than The Average Pigeon

01-PigeonSo the big debate this week has been around whether or not you can judge a book by its cover, well actually it was an animal by its face, well actually it was whether or not if an animal looks a bit stupid, it actually is (ie) a pigeon Vs a squirrel. Obviously one looks somewhat smarter than the other, devising tricks and techniques to unlock the ever illusive nut, the other pooing on its feet, so much they dissolve.

But then we got onto the debate that ravens are apparently really smart, but they do look quite devious. Needless to say the smiling dolphin made an appearance, and the debate moved onto whether a happy animal was more intelligent than a sad looking one like a sloth.

Anyway, aside from lots of debates around animals, the main other topic was about what to wear, especially with Fashion Week looming:-

  • At Red Bull Penthouse Jam at the Sanctuary, Claire wasn’t sure what to wear in the hot tub (a few band members just went naked)
  • Nick went to Porto for Red Bull Air Race, and we know he didn’t wear any sun cream as he came back looking like he’d been to a tomato festival
  • Mike was at Bestival and he wanted to know if it was OK to wear sun glasses all day (3 days was a bit much)
  • Hamish and crew are off to Skate Jam for Nando’s and wanted to know what the kids of today were wearing on a skate park (Nick didn’t know whether he could wear pads and crash helmet as a 6ft 5 skating virgin)
  • Red Bull’s Fashion Factory, launches on Saturday with PPQ, Vivienne Westwood etc etc. and there’s only 2 shopping days to go. Would Net-a-Porter or ASOS deliver in time and what should be bought.

We’ve also been cracking on with a new Client we’ve just won, which is really exciting. We’ll announce more a little later.

We’re also celebrating a few other things, Mandy’s got promoted, we’ve just hired a great new guy (from a Client. Technically we didn’t poach him, he approached us, and he did have 2 other job offers on the table before we snapped him up), Em’s sisters getting married, Claire’s found a new house, Lisa’s finally managed to find the office, before she jets off to LA again, Cadbury sent us a huge box of chocolate and Lex is 40!


And finally we’re looking for a smart digital person. Either a publicist background or a Digital strategy background. If you know anyone (AD and above), let us know. If we take them on we’ll send you £1000. Obviously pigeon’s need not apply.