Slogging it out down south – Tough Mudder hits Cirencester

We’re in full swing this Tough Mudder season, as the travelling roadshow heads south to an appropriately muddy Cirencester to welcome their new fleet of hardened Mudderers this weekend.

As if the matter of running almost 12 miles and overcoming an army of menacing obstacles wasn’t enough, Under Armour’s on-site team are ready to push the boundaries once more. Reckon the event will be a walk in the countryside? Could you nan actually do it? Put your body where your mouth is and prove it, with the I Will Challenge.

Three gruelling stations that’ll see you push, pull, and thrust your way to your limit, if ever there’s a time to test your capabilities, it’s now. What’s more, the winner receives the metaphorical keys to Under Armour’s kingdom to choose £250 worth of clobber to take their training to another level. Tidy.

We’ve three stops left on the trip, with Dublin, Cheshire and Hampshire ready to greet us with open muddy arms, so get stuck in. What’s your excuse not to?

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