Simon’s laptop (…in the cupboard over there)

Background: Simon’s laptop was stolen on Friday night after a break in (until it turned up today – Thursday – in a cupboard).

*Sing to the tune of Fresh Prince*

Now this is a story
all about how my brain
got flipped, turned upside down
and if you’ve gotta minute
just a little one spare
I’ll tell you how I became the guy
who hid Simon’s laptop in the cupboard over there.

beer pong

Playing beer-pong
born and raised
on the table my hangover said
all of Friday
lucking out, shotting
and acting the fool
and all shooting some absinthe
outside of the rules
after a couple of wines
I was up to no good
started making trouble in our neighbourhood
I downed a few more drinks and my stomach got scared
And said “your ralfing in the toilet
while Bea holds back your hair”

Ben Sick

Grabowski whistled for cab and when it came near
The driver said £75 soiling charge
And he watched me in the mirror
If anything I thought this was more than I could bear
But by the morning I’d forgotten it
Oh I’ve had a mare!

I got back to work the next week and I tried not to be late
Simon yelled to office where’s my laptop, I need it later
Racking my brain’s but they were totally bear
I’d completely forgotten I hid Simon’s laptop in the cupboard over there!

sad simon

And for those of you that have forgotten the tune/lyrics…