Simon Says…

The excitement in the office has been building steadily this week. After nearly 2 years of planning (and a lot of box humping) it’s the first of our Cadbury Spots v Stripes Big City Take Over’s.

Most of the PrettyGreen events team are decamping to Glasgow and there are some burning questions waiting to be answered.

What will Alex look like as a giant Morph man?

Can Leanne take a knock from our giant wrecking Eyeball?

Can we throw Sian down our massive Slide Dunk?

And how long will it take before Strings gets in the Cadbury Button’s Monkey suit?

Intrigued? Well come down and join in the game if you are in bonny Scotland. We’ll be battling Spots v Stripes in Georges Square and Pottersfield from 10am Saturday and Sunday. If not, catch us at one of other Big City Takeovers in Leeds (4th-5th September), London (11th-12th September) and Birmingham (18th-19th September).

Simon Cowell lookalike

We kicked off with a big game of Simon Says yesterday, our Games Professors have arrived and we have lots of big mechanical machines currently building and moving things.

It’s going to be BIG and a lot of fun.