Silverstone is the pits

Not really but we thought it would make a clever headline for the blog. The F1 circus arrived in England this weekend and the race did not disappoint.

The intrigue and excitement wasn’t from the racing on the track but more from the all-important pit stopping.

No offence to Kwik Fit but the Silverstone pit lane on Sunday resembled a poorly run rural car garage than a multimillion high performance Formula One team.

The highlight of the chaos had to be Force India trying to fit one driver’s set of tyres on to another driver’s car which resulted in a Laurel & Hardy scene and a twenty second pit stop.

Later on in the race British supremo Jenson Button pitted with twenty laps to go in line for a podium finish on his home track. The Mclaren guys did a great job of getting him in and out of the pits in under eight seconds….unfortunately they forgot to bolt the wheel nut on and he came to a resounding halt ten seconds later with his front right falling off. Not sure if we would like to be at the Mclaren post race review meeting this morning.


To continue with the pit lane disarray two drivers managed to crash in to each other which wouldn’t have looked out of place in Sainsbury’s car park on a Sunday afternoon.

PrettyGreen are very much looking forward to the guys pitting it out at the next race at the Nurburgring, Germany.