Sealed With A Loving Kick

Picture the scene.

He opens the door, walks in and the missus is standing there arms crossed with a face like thunder. Is it her birthday? Did he tread in something?! Has she seen Marilyn’s Massage Parlour on his credit card statement?! The answer to all of these of course is a resounding “no,” (unless your name is John Terry or Avram Grant) The reason he’ll be sleeping on the couch tonight is he’s forgotten the most romantic day of the year… Valentine’s Day.

Whilst the alpha-idiots try and re-assure themselves (year-on-year that) “she doesn’t want a present, she isn’t like that” or “it’s just a Hallmark holiday,” the fact of the matter remains, he’s in BIG trouble.

So this year, we felt it was about time that the saviour wasn’t at a slap-inducing bunch of weeds from the BP forecourt, but an uber-handy Valentine’s SOS package from Nando’s that is less ‘in the doghouse’ and more ‘give the dog a bone.’

All he has to do is head to one of the selected Nando’s, armed with the password from the blog and he’ll be given a free card, rose and other X-rated goodies that will put the smile firmly back on her face.

It’s as easy as 1,2,3 and  he’ll end up looking as smooth as a cashmere codpiece.

Now is it a coincidence that Nick (with some help from Hamish) were behind this promotion and that Kate and Claire have been invited to a special “hot” night out on Sunday (Peri Peri sauce anyone)

The next thing the guys have to worry about is her birthday… (now come on Keri, help them out, give them the brief).