Scotland’s best take on Tough Mudder’s beast


They do things differently up north, we’re told, but for all the haggis eating and scotch drinking they do, it turns out our Scottish friends up there are actually a rather fit bunch. Tough, clearly. But what’re they like when the mud comes out to play? Under Armour, along with a few battle-hardened PrettyGreeners, went to find out (and add a little surprise in the mix, too).

Yes, Under Armour and Tough Mudder reached chapter two (of eight) this weekend, as 16,000 rowdy Scots took on a goliath 12-mile obstacle course with nothing but motivation and beer at the finish line. We say took on, but in hindsight they completely obliterated it and clearly needed another challenge.

Cue the Under Armour convoy to disrupt the party with a task of their own. After making our way to Dalkeith Country Park earlier in the day, our kitted up warriors in attendance were in jolly moods as our playground was erected, before the smiles slid off their faces upon testing. As hoped, the course – much like Tough Mudder itself – was perfectly, disgustingly horrific.

Presenting: The I Will Challenge, a grueling five-minute circuit developed and run by some PrettyGreen action hero’s. Think wincing, grimacing, painful fire that might as well have been set inside a (muddy) volcano such was the intensity of the task at hand. It was ready to be unleashed.

Before long, consumers were queuing for a slice of the workout from hell – after all, what’s a challenge if not challenging? Judging by the photo above, we’d say we succeeded. Mission accomplished.

Only one thought (well, after nausea) crossed the minds of our participants upon completion, and one we only shared too well after one of the most challenging, gut-wrenching, and rewarding days we’ll ever see.

After finding the beer tent, only then were our jobs complete. Would we do it again? You bet. Round 3, Midlands, t-minus four weeks. See you there.