The ‘Saga’ Saga: what we think of #Baldinggate

The Saga Saga had us scratching our heads a bit over the weekend, it reminded us of that time last year when everyone lost their shit over celebrities not declaring “gifts from brands” as #spon.


This stuff has been happening to varying degrees since PR began, by editors, sub editors, agents, publicists……


The scenarios can all look different, but they all come down to the same thing.  Team ‘media’ and team ‘talent’ expectations from the output of an interview not being aligned.


You can see it now…Team media, thinking they have some time with Claire, to talk about and then write about juicy things like being in love, being a lesbian and losing weight – Team talent thinking, we have written a fantastic children’s book, lets talk about the actual fantastic children’s book.


Celebrity interviews are not quite ‘fake’ news…but they are certainly not the real deal either, they are manufactured contractual conversations between media and talent to sell ‘stuff’. The media camp’s objective is never to actually write about the thing the talent is talking about – and there lies the problem (and when the fiercely protective shields of agents or editors will inevitably go up in battle). It highlights the need for great publicists who understand the workings of the talent/media machine and can delicately tread the lines to make sure all stakeholders (all 75 of them) are happy.


The only thing that is interesting about the Saga Saga is that Ginny Dougary went public on it – probably to make a story that was actually probably much more interesting than the original story that she was writing for Saga (we do love a bit of Balding, but, you know…).


We also don’t think trolling Balding will be taken lightly by The Association of National Treasures (this doesn’t exist, but it should), Claire has already tweeted no involvement in said Saga – but we could have told you that already.