It’s What We Did In The Dark That Put Us In The Light

The lights are off at PrettyGreen. No, it’s not because we haven’t paid our electricity bills, but because we’re off to go train in the dark. As you’ll see from the rather chipper photo below, this week we helped launched the second chapter of Under Armour’s Rule Yourself campaign with a little help from Manchester United winger Memphis Depay, with smiles galore and lots, and lots, and lots, of media bums on seats.

Addressing a full-capacity underground venue in Shoreditch, Memphis ran through his (extremely impressive) training schedule in some detail with help from host Andy Shepherd, with Paul chipping in to essentially help us Average Joe’s understand just how cold an ice bath is (to the nipples, firmly not the neck, Memphis quickly added), how many curls is too much (answer: more than you hoped) and more or less how much we’d struggle to replicate this machine of a man’s regime.

Now launched globally, the latest instalment of the Rule Yourself campaign is all about the inner workings of a 24/7 athlete, from the minute that first alarm goes off to the second your head hits the pillow. Long story short, it’s ruddy hard… but, if you can steal yourself away from the custard creams, it’s not impossible. Just ask rock-hard-ab Memphis, who we’d put money on not ever eating a single digestive.
And the results show. A living legend in the making, Memphis is a man seriously going places. Just turned 22, he’s younger than every single member of PrettyGreen (okay, besides our two intern hamsters or Strings’ new puppy), and he’s already achieved more than most of us could ever dream of. How? The hours and hours of training, of course. From the thousands of free kicks to the hundreds of thousands of sit-ups, push ups, heck even wrist curls judging by this guy’s physique, that Memphis does, it’s all about ‘What You Do In The Dark That Puts You In The Light’. And that’s not secret biscuits.
MemphisUA_7350 copy
In summary, if you take a drive down St John Street soon, we can confirm there isn’t a power outage. The lights are strategically turned off, and we have more than likely sneaked off to the gym. Not Tesco.