Route 1.

So it was the inaugural PrettyGreen Run Club last night. Well inaugural in the sense that we haven’t done one for a while after an unsuccessful stint last year. The inevitable of course happened and what started out as the enthusiastic eleven after last week’s email went out, became the tenacious trio, Alex, Nick and Lyns. So after only a little waver of disinclination it began.

They conscientiously route mapped down to the stunning night time views of the Thames, crossing Blackfriars and then Millenium Bridge before taking in the sites of St Pauls, the Old Bailey and Smithfields, all the time educating Alex on some of the finer points of the er, architecture and history. He really should get out of Camden more.

Although it is only a cheeky 5k start, we reckon the others will be sufficiently jealous of our oxygen rich, ruddy faces and smug smiles over the breakfast papers to want to join in next week. And we all know come Christmas there’ll be some fat to burn.

A Spots v Stripes London Marathon team in the making? Watch this space.

Distance: 4.8km
Pace: 6.26 minutes/km
Speed: 9.3km/h
Time: 30.32 minutes
Calories: 431.2

Picture 2