Room with a view

Imagine spending the night in a hotel room…. wait for it…. floating on one of the most famous rooftops in all of London. Well lucky for you, in London’s Olympic year you’ll be able to do just that.

We’re loving Living Architecture’s ‘A Room For London’ competition, which challenges architects and designers alike to come up with an eye catching concept for a pop-up hotel room that will be neatly perched on top of the Queen Elizabeth Hall at the Southbank Centre.

The most interesting idea that’s caught our eye seems to have taken it’s inspiration directly from theatre land, allowing guests to stay in a ultra modern glass room surrounded by translucent red curtains. Interesting it may be, private it certainly isn’t as this peeping tom’s paradise makes you literally part of the attraction. We recommend anyone with a sheepish disposition wear clothes at all times. But then again, with the best view of London up for grabs, who cares about the dress code?