Rivals Everywhere

So the first Awards question is always, “what are your chances” (playing Top Trumps seems to help with getting to that answer) the other is “How’d you feel”, that answer generally involves the words “Right and decision”, regardless of the outcome. But being honest  if you don’t win (the Award that you really knew that you’re weren’t going to win), it doesn’t mean you’re not absolutely gutted. There’s a part of you that thinks your instincts have got it wrong and you hope your hearts got it right. When it comes to your category, the suspense builds, everyone’s trying not to look at anyone apart from the stage, the envelopes opened and the winner is – NOT YOU!!!!!!!

Crestfallen, you know it’s the right decision, but it’s not the one you wanted to hear. But here’s where we at PrettyGreen believe you have to show true spirit. Either winning or losing it’s about doing it with style and dignity and at the end of the day, enjoying the ride, rather than waiting to get to the end of the journey.

Needless to say, we had a great night out, and we’d thoroughly recommend the Maze pear and vanilla majito.

And it’s always nice to be in a room with all your rivals and get the inside gossip, and there’s lots of it, mainly around people leaving companies and sometimes it’s a little awkward when you bump into someone you either can’t remember, or don’t want to. But that’s the beauty of award ceremonies.

In one of the most surreal moments of all time, one of the Pretty Green-ers recently found themself at Absolute Radio with Frank Harper from Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, a Zambezi Choir, a woman with a fish strapped round her arm and Mo from Big Brother. An average night out, I think not.

The reason? We were there with Matt Littler and Darren Jeffries, top blokes and brilliant presenters of the death-defying new series on T4 (every Saturday at 1pm), Red Bull Rivals

The series sees Matt and Darren (formerly Max and OB from Hollyoaks) getting involved in some of the craziest extreme sports from the world of Red Bull. From making and piloting their own flying-machines for Red Bull Flugtag in Marseille to facing their fear of heights at the Red Bull Cliff Diving event in Athens, with regular visits to A&E sandwiched in between in a number of different countries, the series is one of the funniest and most dangerous on the tellybox for a long while.

Not only do the boys get to take part in the events but they are also lucky enough to go on dates with celebs such as Kara Tointon (Eastenders), Loui Batley (Hollyoaks) and Basshunter. Yes they really did go on a date with Basshunter. Check out their rather creepy rendition of The Ghost / pottery making scene here

This Saturday’s episode is the last event to decide who is the 2009 Red Bull Rivals Champion as Matt and Darren take part in a downhill Mountain Biking event in South Africa: . Make sure you don’t miss out!