Retro Reflections… Our First Fragrances

Post launch of our adolescent odour confessions here at PrettyGreen, we have all began to stop and think about the actual reasons behind our choice of teenage scent.

We all know that a fragrance can wake up a few memories or two. Ones that you may have wanted to keep between you and your pre-teenage youth.

Well, listen up, us PrettyGreeners are not afraid to take a risk or two into the unknown and to be quite honest, the thought of revealing our diverse yet similar choice of teen scents was tremendously exciting!

Through a closer look at our scent’s taglines and oh so fantastic 70s/80s cheesy adverts, we can see a familiar personal link between the fragrances taglines and are choice of scent during those tricky adolescent years.

Take a look at the taglines below and decide for yourself if you can see any direct link between the taglines and our chosen teenage scent. Check out the young Kate Moss for the CK Be advert!

Strings: Denim – “For Men Who Don’t Have To Try Too Hard”

Mark S: CK Be – “Be Hard, Be Cool, Just Be”

Jack D: Sean John Unforgivable – “Life Without Passion Is Unforgivable”

Claire / Emma / Lauren / Charlotte / Debs: Body Shop White Musk
 – “For Every Woman, For Every Moment, Forever Sensual”

Claire M / Laura / Hannah / Henders: Charlie Red – “So Now!”

Tyler/ Pete: Lynx Africa
- Unfortunately we cannot seem to find the advert or related tagline– but this clip sums up the choice of fragrance nicely

Hannah: Tommy Girl
 – “A Declaration Of Independence”

Sophia: Pink Sugar – “Just Want To Have Fun”

Kim: CK1 – “We are One”