Research shows the typical Love Island viewer is a sports mad male

ITV2’s Love Island is back on our screens for another Summer of lust filled binge viewing. And, even if you’re not watching the show it’s hard to escape the hype as your social media feed is likely to be a non-stop commentary from your ‘friends’.




Lucozade has reportedly spent £6m on a multimedia campaign partnership with ITV2’s Love Island to reach the 2.95 million people watching the show this year. But who exactly are the audience watching and talking about this Summer’s latest reality stars? We analysed social data posted during Love Island’s Season 4 launch to find out:


  • Most surprisingly we discovered that 46% of people talking about Love Island on social media are men.
  • One fifth of them are following BBC Breaking News and they are 2x as likely than average to follow Sky Sports News.
  • Nearly a third of Love Island fans have a degree and they are 2x as likely to follow Barack Obama than the average UK person, and 3x as likely to follow Michael Buble.


Talking about the results, Jo Hudson, Planning Director at PrettyGreen, said:

Shows like Love Island are transcending into culture and our daily lives, resulting in a diverse audience and counter to perception, the Love Island audience is specifically skewing older and with almost half of them being male. These insights are a reminder for brands that in an increasingly Gender neutral world, audience segmentation isn’t simple anymore and the data shows we shouldn’t be so black and white in our views about how TV is consumed.”


Love Island Sponsors like Missguided and Superdrug needn’t worry though. Lifestyle, fashion and FMCG brands are still relevant with Love Island fans more likely than average to also follow Debenhams, M&S, Costa and Cadbury, amongst others on social media. And they’re also 3 x as likely than the average person to be called Emma!


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Insights created from social listening completed on Audiense and Infegy.