Red Bull Stratos Live Stream

Following a 24 hour delay due to adverse weather conditions, Felix Baumgartner is set to take the 120,000ft plunge tomorrow afternoon (around 3pm UK time) as Red Bull Stratos reaches its climax.

For those that may have missed the hype, Red Bull Stratos sees fearless Felix ascend in a 55 storey helium balloon to dive from the highest point for a skydive ever (120,000ft), at the fastest speed ever by a human (breaking the sound barrier with his own body at 690mph), for the longest period of freefall ever recorded (5m 35seconds). Quite an undertaking.

Having spent nearly three years helping the Red Bull team on the communications side of the project, we are extremely excited to see the mission go live and hopefully see one of the most historic scientific events so far this century.

We’re very lucky to have the live stream player here, so tune in tomorrow afternoon to witness history in the making!

We wish Felix and the Red Bull Stratos team the very best.

Red Bull Stratos Live Stream