Red Bull BC One Tears It Up

It’s been an interesting week in sports with the World Cup qualifiers coming to an end – dreams fulfilled, dreams shattered and rankling that will continue well into 2010.  While the rest of the world argues over whether the ‘cheating French’ should be forced to replay that game (we’re with Roy Keane on this) we’ve been enjoying the more obscure but equally thrilling end of sports.

This week saw KRS One compere the Red Bull BC One b-boying championships and although we weren’t able to fly out to the Hammerstein Ballroom, the joys of social media meant we managed to get involved vicariously through some Twitter feeds and a few Twitpics.

As none of us here can so much as moonwalk or body slide, the Bboying championships left us in awe.  The dedication and skill it takes to move like those guys can’t be underestimated and if any of you can, there’s some Red Bull Shots in it for you!

And a big congratulations to the winner Lilou, who also won it in 2005, making him the first person to ever win it twice.