Put on the spot – Drawing the PrettyGreen logo from memory

Earlier in the week we retweeted an interesting article about drawing famous logos from memory. The results of 150 people’s attempts at drawing 10 famous logos without peeking at a reference were really varied. Some were pretty good, while the others were hilariously bad.





This sparked a conversation at PrettyGreen HQ about recognisability and what makes a successful logo. In order for a brand’s visual identity to be effectively burned into your mind it needs to tick a few boxes. It needs to be (as many of these as possible) Simple, Memorable, Timeless, Versatile and Appropriate. There’s a great article here that goes into this in more detail.


Shape & Colour are key when remembering how the logo looks. If we were to say LEGO, most of us would instantly visualise the classic red box with white text and a yellow/black outlines. If we said Pepsi, you would instantly remember the red, white and blue circle, even if you couldn’t replicate it perfectly.


So let’s take a look at our PrettyGreen logo and break it down.






The PrettyGreen cloud logo consists of five basic shapes. Three circles are made to create the cloud, and joined together at the bottom with a rectangle. Then you have the overlapping “sun” shape with a blue gradient fill on the outermost part. The text is situated in the bottom middle of the cloud. Seems simple enough, right? We set a task for the PrettyGreen team in our weekly company meeting to draw our logo from memory and as expected, we got a wide range of variations. Bearing in mind that everyone was only using a pencil or pen so we can’t mark points for colour, some people nailed it whilst others… well… didn’t. Behold.



All in all, most of these were fairly close. Over half of the team remembered that the cloud has three bumps and a sun shape on the right hand side, but only 13 put the logo in the cloud, rather than at the bottom. This can be slightly forgiven though because we have gone through a few slight rebrands throughout the years with our most recent update moving the text within the cloud. This was a great memory exercise and was fun to see the range of people’s outcomes. To see how good your memory is why not try for yourself? Have a go at drawing some of these famous logos from memory (without looking, no cheaters!) and tweet us the results!







Virgin Media



Warner Brothers


Original article here.