Pussycat Doll in Crysis…

Last Friday saw the highly anticipated release of EA Games’ Crysis 3. The third installment in this sci-fi action series sees lead protagonist Prophet return with all-new weapons, ground-breaking graphics, and a high tech Nanosuit that would make David Beckham look scruffy.

But how do you launch one of the biggest games of the year? Body paint one of the most attractive women on the planet? … That’ll do it.

Ashley Roberts

So, we teamed up with Dancing on Ice Judge and Pussycat Doll Ashley Roberts to re-create the iconic Nanosuit and bring Prophet to life in a completely new way. With one of the UK’s leading body paint artists, a lot of paint and just over 6 hours, Ashley was transformed from mere mortal to earth-saving computer game hero.

The shoot produced some amazing imagery but more importantly launched the game to the masses, fending off stiff competition to become the UK’s best-selling game last week. We can’t work out why, but all the boys were more than keen to help out with this one, although Henders and Katie were quick to slam the door on that idea! Both had a brilliant day and have developed a massive girl crush on Ashley, who they believe is “the nicest, loveliest most attractive woman in the world”. Good job Jack and co. didn’t go, dread to think how the shoot would have gone with Ashley tripping over their tongues all day!

We also loitered around on set to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes video. Ashley was wonderful to work with and it has definitely put a new spin on playing the game for us here at the office, we can’t stop playing Crysis 3 to a Pussycat Dolls soundtrack…!

Ashley Roberts