Puns, Poems and Pink Faces

Last week saw PrettyGreen headquarters evolve into a house of love with our Valentine’s Day Tea Party.

PrettyGreeners submitted their true feelings in poems and puns, written on a pink and red hearts, to Kim’s ‘Love Box’. On the afternoon of the 14th, we were invited into the kitchen, where the hearts were displayed and true love was revealed!

Kim's 'Love Box'

The puns were flying from “Tim, wish we could have a ‘Beer’ instead of timesheets” to “Han, I love how PERi-PERi hot you are…” and “You’ve made you’re Mark (Stringer) on me”. There was cheeky affection “Chris, I love the way you wear your body warmer”, big statements “Ben T, give me a chance and I’ll get us trending worldwide” and straight up compliments “Kylie, what a smashing face!”. And then there were some that were just a little random “Coco is like a sexy owl, twit twoo.”

As we all went back to our desks after feasting on tea party treats, you could see the puzzled faces around the office trying to work out who their mysterious messages were from. Love was in the air… or at the very least, good banter.

Where the secrets were revealed...