I Pledge Allegiance… To The Project

Yesterday we spotted a PrettyGreener with a whole chicken in one hand, boxing glove on the other, laying into a punch bag during a brainstorm. Why we hear you cry? We’re not entirely sure, but our best guess is that yet another member of the team has been struck down with Protein Fever. It’s rife in the office.

It looks as though they’re training to fulfill their Protein Pledge. Either that, or they’re a couple of months too late on the New Year’s Resolution bandwagon. We can’t say for certain without further testing.

As for the rest of us, we’re changing the way we train using the little known, and often misunderstood power of protein. You might think it’s just for top athletes, but you’d be wrong. Sorry about that. It’s for us mere mortals too.

To help spread that message, we’re helping maximuscle develop and run three consumer events in the coming months. We’re taking the Protein Project on the road to give people a once in a lifetime opportunity to train, learn and play with sporting icons.

Whether it’s rugby with England superstars Chris Robshaw and James Haskell, boxing with that little known guy Amir Khan or football at Europe’s top training centre, this is something for any serious sports fan.

With a bit of healthy competition to shake things up a bit and a leaderboard pinned to the fridge, the #ProteinProject is very much up and running in the office. We’ve got people making pledges left, right and centre. There are so many, we’re redecorating our Sports Hall with them.

Applications are now open. Get involved by making your pledge here .