Rocking out in your bedroom is usually reserved for when the girlfriend’s away and you can get away with playing Pantera at the volume the Abbott Brothers intended it to be heard at (Nick). However, today at 5pm, for the first time this year, four young metallers from Suffolk will be sharing their love for all things rock and performing live on

Never A Hero, the first band to top the Red Bull Bedroom Jam ‘Buzz Chart’ will be bringing their Rock, Rap, Metal sound to the web, beamed across the world to the monitors of many new and existing fan.

As a massive opportunity for bands who enter, Red Bull Bedroom Jam offers those that are successful the chance of joining the festival tour at Download, Sonisphere, Hevy, Underage and T in the Park and later if crowned champions recording time in Red Bull Studios London and a supporting slot on a major UK tour.

The idea alone has begun to stir rock star aspirations in the office and talks of forming a band to enter have started. So far we have-

Nick – Front man – in charge of getting kicked out of all backstage areas

Ben – Lead guitar – Teen Heartthrob

Alex H – Primary school level flute – ‘The Hair’

Nuala – Keyboard and ‘groupie management’

Tom – Maracas (basically Bez)

We’re thinking of going for a Neo-Jazz-Breakcore-Screamo crossover.


Until the first EP is released check out for some much, much better bands.