PrettyGreen’s Top picks of CES 2019

Working in the gaming and tech space, CES is the biggest event there is. The annual show has enough new tech stories and product teases to warm the coldest January days. Why miss Christmas when you can look forward to rollable televisions and Smart, well… anything?


This year is living up to expectations with multiple new tech announcements and below you can find the top picks that we at PrettyGreen are extremely excited to see make their way into our office and homes in the next couple of years.



Let’s start with the piece of technology we never knew we needed until CES… Somnox! The sleep robot that promises to get you to sleep faster, longer and wake up refreshed. The robot ‘breathes’ at a set rate, before relaxing into a slower rhythm as it plays relaxing music, allowing the user to drift off to a better sleep. The kidney bean shaped gadget could revolutionise sleeping patterns allowing many who struggle to get their full 8 hours to up their dosage of winks.


Suitcase tech (Ovis)

Move aside Trunki, 2019 will bring with it an alternative suitcase for adults. This case will automatically follow its owner at speeds of up to 6mph, over numerous surfaces and avoiding obstacles, allowing you to have two hands to desperately search pockets for your boarding pass as you approach the gate. This case is ingenious, as the pop out battery can make it easy to pass through security, and comes fitted with charging ports to juice up your other gadgets while you travel.




Okay so a little frustrating as it was only last year that the office upgraded to a 4K presentation screen, but 8k is here in 98inchs of rich, colourful and vibrant picture from Samsung and Sony! We can only imagine how good The Punisher series 2 will look on these screens when it releases next week.


Driverless Deliveries

There’s nothing particularly new about the idea of a robot delivering your takeaway, but it’s still super cool. The concept of a mothership-like driverless van from Continental is new, however. The van will transport multiple delivery dogs (robotic dogs, that is) that will paw-deliver goods and, although slightly scary, looks to bring a more interactive face to the technology, compared to remote controlled boxes. That said, we’d prefer real life dogs for the ultimate in delivery services, but who wouldn’t!?



The year of the Smart

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant continue to be added to more home utilities. They will soon be able to run you a bath using Touch20 and be incorporated into other places in the bathroom… including the toilet, allowing you to listen to your favourite artists before simply telling the toilet to flush.


The conference continues up until the weekend, so we hope that even more tech is announced that is worthy of the offices approval, brightening up the remaining days until payday.