PrettyGreen’s Top 10 Brand PR Stunts

We were talking the other day in the office about the fact that Red Bull Stratos was 6 last week. Doesn’t time fly faster than a supersonic base jumper? Anyway, it got us reminiscing about PrettyGreen’s best brand stunt. Here’s our favourite ever brand stunts (In no particular order, and let’s just say we struggled to cut it to 10, Virgin Media’s TV Diner, Stacey Solomon as Ben 10, Sloggi & Kylie @ BST, Pandora & Disney etc etc)


  1. Beyonce Trident 100 Single Ladies 

To celebrate Trident’s tie-up and takeover of the 02, what better way to raise awareness than recreate single ladies. Our first big brand stunt, back in the day.



2. Red Bull Stratos – Although not technically a stunt. 

We spent 4 years helping support the Team at Red Bull pull this absolute legendary brand moment off. If you haven’t watched the documentary around it with Felix and the amount of work that went on behind the scenes you need to. It still makes our heart race when he steps off and we know he survives.

Think this managed to land every front page. Someone’s going to have to do something very special to beat this. Step forward Richard Branson and Elon Musk!



3. Red Bull Robbie Madison Backflip over Tower Bridge 

Of all the Red Bull activities we have been involved in, this was very special as it was top secret, and we were lucky enough to be one of only a handful of people allowed on Tower Bridge in the early hours of the morning. A very special moment.

The shot select was so difficult as he was so small compared to the backdrop of the bridge and were worried it would be difficult for picture editors, but hours deliberating paid off as DPS’s and huge spreads looked amazing.



4. Andy Murray on Top of The World for Wimbledon with Under Armour 

We’ve done a lot of player appearances and the challenge is always what can you get them to do in 2 hours of a rest day and also include media interviews. This was an idea where the stars aligned and it created something magical (and who doesn’t love flying into London in a helicopter). And no, it’s no re-touched.



5. Creme Egg – Splat @ Covent Garden

Bring the brand to life for Easter. Well PR 101 says make it big. So we did. But the shots and location are what make this “stunt” so special.



6. Rollercoaster A Level Results  with Thorpe Park

This idea landed front page of The Times, and although the shot of the boys jumping in the air is lovely. The part of the campaign we love most was the actual opening of the results on “Tidal” and the reaction is brilliant.




7. Cadbury Olympic Giant Party Popper

100 days to go, mark the moment. Well, only one thing for it. A ticket giveaway party and every party needs a party popper. So we built a fully working giant party popper that enabled Christine Blackley to shoot tickets into the crowd.



8. Beaming Alien River of Pain into Space for Audible

We’re listening. Well, maybe they are too. What better way to launch Audible’s Alien River of Pain than with an immersive experience and Greenwich Planetarium and by broadcasting it to the location where it’s set.



9. LEGO Build to Give

We loved this campaign, not only because it was our idea, but who doesn’t love a giant LEGO Christmas Tree and the idea of helping give a LEGO gift to 20,000 children who had to spend Christmas in Hospital.

For every LEGO model built at one of the LEGO Christmas roadshow experiences or shared online, LEGO then made a donation to a participating Children’s hospital.

If you’re interested it took six builders 340 hours to build the Christmas tree and 72,500 LEGO bricks!



10. Uber Pool Party

Who doesn’t love a pool party in summer. So why not build a pool in Shoreditch and let people win the chance to join the party.