PrettyGreen’s best picks from CES 2017

CES is all wrapped up and done for another year, so what delights can we expect to see entering the consumer market in 2017?  Here are a few of PrettyGreens faves…..


Let’s start with one of the most loved brands in the world; LEGO.  Over the years LEGO has kept simplicity and imagination at the heart of the brand until now. LEGO has just released Boost – a really clever piece of robotic kit that introduces coding, helping bring those bricks to life.


You just need to purchase one of the 5 LEGO Boost sets, download an app then you’re on your way to creating robotic LEGO.  It gets better, it lets you use your existing LEGO sets, so all those builds you have created over the years can now be bought to life, which further encourages kids to use their imagination whilst learning about coding.


Next up is the Wearables market, there seems to have been huge strides made and the term now doesn’t just solely apply to something that sits on your wrist.  Here are a couple of standout innovations that will be available to this year, the latter could be a lot of fun!


Firstly, the Xenoma E-Skin, which aims to track all your movements through a lightweight shirt.  This machine-washable, durable e-skin can be used across a huge range of sectors from a controller for gaming and VR experiences, as a personal coach for monitoring and improving fitness to observing body movement, posture and respiration to manage your health.


A centralized hub communicates with the shirt and transmits information via Bluetooth which is detected via the 14 strain sensors that have been strategically placed to detect the wearer’s body movements that include bending, stretching, and twisting joints.


The possibilities are endless for this product and we’re sure we’ll start to see this type of apparel technology becoming common place in 2017.


The second innovation is a piece of tech that can monitor how drunk you are! It’s the first wearable alcohol monitor.  It will detect how much alcohol you have consumed or are consuming at a party by measuring the ethanol molecules in your skin via your wrist. It’s called BACTrack Skyn, allowing the user to easily view their alcohol level and therefore allowing them to drink responsibly!


No more using the excuse ‘I didn’t realise how drunk I was’’, hangovers could be a distant memory, company drinks on a Thursday…. well they’d be a lot shorter!