PrettyGreen’s 10 marketing trend predictions for 2019

With 2019 just around the corner, we pause to consider what the big trends affecting marketing in 2019 are likely to be


  1. Fitness – Live from your lounge
    As premium cycling brand Peloton rides into the UK, we’re likely to see the growth of more live on-line classes. The convenience of home workouts has always been popular (think Jane Fonda); but today there are literally millions of options available – from endurance to balance, speed to strength and a world of perfecting specific skills. Making sessions live, combined with the ability to measure performance/ compete with one another/ personalise your plan will craft out many more niches for brands to serve.



  1. Space – The New Marketing Frontier
    With Richard Branson having announced that Virgin Galactic (SpaceShipTwo) could be up in space before Christmas, and Jeff Bozos of Amazon set to follow closely behind, space opens up an entirely new world for brands to play in. Celebrities will be part of the cohort defying gravity, which will further peak media interest, and the brands quick off the mark to get involved will reap the greatest rewards.



  1. Mindfulness will Take A Rest

For decades the idea that sleep (like lunch) is for wimps, is about to smashed. Sleep is going to become the new battlefield for mindfulness and health. The benefits of sleep have always been promoted, but we really are only now beginning to understand the key cognitive and physical benefits of a good nights sleep. From next year and beyond, we’ll see more sleep pods in the office, and brands and companies beginning to dial up their sleep credentials.



  1. Love Thy Neighbour

It’s not just Brexit that will divide us in 2019. Unlike any other time in recent history, the threat of global conflict also looms heavy; from the Middle East, Russia, Korea and China. The arguments, the uncertainty and the political jockeying are not going to abate anytime soon, which provides an interesting opportunity for brands. Not necessarily to make a political stance; but to make an emotional one. We have already seen efforts from brands to try and unite people across political or social divides, and the need is going away. In Grey’s New York’s recent study “The Famously Effective Business of Togetherness” it was stated that 88% of people felt the need for unity and 60% thought brands could help achieve this.  However, when entering this space, care, craft and credibly are fundamental.



  1. Mobile About To Become Supercharged
    This one won’t kick in until the end of 2019, when the first networks will start to roll out their fifth generation mobile technology; but 5G is going to be the rocket fuel we’ve all been waiting for from a mobile data point of view. Websites will load in the blink of an eye, HD films will download in seconds (vs. the 10 or so minutes we currently wait) and buffering will be a distant memory. 5G will also vastly increase the speed with which machines communicate with one other. Brands will be able to be more ambitious and creative with their plans and bring mobile content to the fore.



  1. It’s just not Cricket

Unfortunately it’s unlikely that cricket will have the impact as the Rugby of Football World Cup does on our sense of pride and optimism; but it’s coming to the UK in May and June, and we’ll be able to hear the sound of leather against willow across the country. The multi-national aspect of the teams from 16 countries, combined with the global reach and diverse ethnicity potentially gives brands the opportunity to really dial up an incredibly local and relevant marketing campaign.



  1. Blockchain

Blockchain this, blockchain that. Everyday the media is awash with stories. But the majority of us don’t understand the positive impact that it potentially is going to have on so many different aspects of our lives. But 2019 will begin to see the adoption across some interesting playgrounds, such as Sport and Ticketing, Fan Tokenisation in Football and Residential and Contracts, through to food provenance.  Whether we understand it or not, blockchain is going to change the way we buy.



  1. Find Your Voice

We all joke about how bad both Alexa and Siri are at doing anything you ask, but there are now over 45,000 skills on Alexa, indicative of how Voice is continuing to grow. As adoption becomes more mainstream and mass, brands will move from just gimmicks to finding ways to add real value to consumers lives.  By 2020 it’s predicted that every major brand will have a voice strategy baked into its marketing plans, so time for us all to get thinking.



  1. Who’s Influencing The Influencers

Influencers aren’t going anywhere; but (much like the blackfishing scandal that blew up on Instagram) the world is waking up to the charlatan’s – the false followers, false views and utter BS that abounds this space. Brands that will continue to do well with influencers will be the brands that look at it as a channel – who see influencers as broadcasters/ publishers in their own right, and who work with them, collaboratively and respectfully to ensure credibly, authentic output.



  1. Touch It, Feel It, Smell It, Crave It, Experience It

Brick and mortar stores continue to struggle, making this important consumer touchpoint, and related connection with product, harder. This does not mean brands can’t meaningfully connect with people in the physical world though. Even if not in our stores as much, consumers are still out there, we just have to work harder to get in front of them! Good brand in-hand experiences lead to an 85% intention to purchase, and a 4:1 ROI. 2019 and beyond will be a time when brand experiences matter more than ever and budgets will need to shift to reflect this.