Yes you heard us. Turns out there’s not a cold hearted soul in the house at PGHQ (although some could argue a few of us are meat hearted… please read on for proof). We actually love a bit of love and what better way to share the care, than our very own #SecretValentine.

This Thursday we hosted Valentine’s Day PrettyGreen-Style and we even surprised ourselves with the loving. There were golf games, hand delivered meals, Take That posters, balloons and an ever-so-slight-touch of stalking (Jack Swallow we’re looking at you… looking at us. Wait. What? This is getting creepy).

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 09.55.38

If you ever needed proof of just how much we (awkwardly) love each other in the office… just check out this gallery*.

*Lovers, please feel to plagiarise these ideas if you’re stuck for your own tomorrow. We’ve heard scratch cards and party poppers go down a treat.