PrettyGreeners’ Life Defining Moments

At PrettyGreen we are all about creating life defining moments for our clients but also making them happen for our team. To help PrettyGreeners on their way to achieving their bucket list goals everyone is offered £100 a year to get out there and do something important to them. There have been some impressive exploits in the past; learning the drums, undergoing a hypnosis course and visiting to the Legendary Nando’s HQ in South Africa.


Here are our four of our favourite recent life defining moments –


Jo Hudson, Planning Director, takes to the trees

“I’ve always felt there’s something magical and fairytale-esque about a treehouse. As a kid my best friend had one and camping out in it is one of my fondest memories from childhood. So, this year, I decided to put my £100 towards a stay in a treehouse. A bit of research on the brilliant led me to ‘Lime Treehouse’ in the Cotswolds. Although staying in a treehouse will always have a camping vibe, ours also came with added luxury, like a wood burning stove and a hot tub on the deck. It was definitely a cut above the version from my childhood and gave me a stack of new treetop based memories!”


Tree house


Alex Parson, Account Director, trained hard to motivate others

“Ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with sports! As I got older though I found it harder to make time for team sports so ended up in the dreaded gym, which I found totally depressing and unmotivating. It was upon discovering my local F45, a studio dedicated to short, sharp 45-minute classes, where I finally found something that worked.


It was here that inspired me to turn something that I was passionate about into something useful, so I signed up to get my qualification as a Personal Trainer (and make other people sweat for a change!). 12 weeks of practical assessments, home studying, revision on the commute and four exams later, I’m now fully qualified and have started working as an F45 instructor.


It’s been pretty exhausting juggling studying, my own training and instructing, alongside my usual 9am – 5.30pm but so happy to have added another skill and having the chance to watch some of the PG team sweat through one of my sessions was totally worth it!”


F45 Training


Emily Koppit, Account Director, on becoming the female Shaun White

“I have always watched the Winter Olympics and secretly thought if I tried I would be the female Shaun White when I finally took to the slopes. I decided to give it a good go this year and put my theory to the test by heading to my first mountain in Morzine. A week of many bruises, a mild concussion and a few tears later I realised snowboarding is a lot harder than it looks. However I love it just as much as I thought I would. Learning a new skill and pushing myself out of my comfort zone was the most invigorating experience!”




Sian Baker, Managing Director of The Producers, spent a day with manta rays

“I’ve always wanted to swim with massive manta rays and I got my wish in the Maldives, where I was lucky enough to be alongside these amazing gentle giants. To add to my delight, me and my dive buddy also got mistaken by them for a cleaning station! We spent a very happy 30 minutes on our knees on the ocean floor whilst they floated above us and got their daily wash and brush up from lots of tiny fish.”


Manta Ray Swimming