PrettyGreen wrestlers

Recently George, Jack Davy and me (Joe) made the trip to the O2 arena to see the WWE wrestling. It was all as expected; lots of fun, over the top theatre via the medium of men big enough to eclipse the sun.

A few beers in, between shouting abuse at aforementioned sun eclipsers a conversation started on what each of our wrestling names would be, evolving to name everyone at PrettyGreen. As we say in social media, a blog was born…

Strings is The Clerkenwell Strangler


Jack Davy is The Prince of Protein

Zack ‘The King’ King

Ben Knight is The Iron Knight


Bianca Daisy is Chocolate Rain

George Costi is El Hjio de Cheeseburger (the son of cheeseburger)


Tim Beer is the Financier, supported by his tag team of Debbie Longmuir as The Debt Collector and Mike Flatley as The Flatliner

Katie Hunter is The Huntress

James Hartnett is White Hart Pain

Rhea Werner- Cheshire is The Big Cheese

Chris Grabowski is The Grabowsler

Jack Swallow is The Dalston Death Hammer

Lucy Porter is Binary Bitch, bringing zeros, ones and hurt bombs


Emma White is White Noise

Emma Grace is Grace and No Favour

Charlotte Jones is The Wince of Wales

Susie Richardson is The A List

Sian Baker is Sian Breaker

Ceri Reed is The Silent Assassin

Steve Scott is The Yorkshire Ripper

Jim Pollard is The Brutaliser

Lynsey Keyes is The Skeleton Key

Lucy Cole is King Cole

Emily Koppit is Dropkick Koppit

Kate Morisson is The Flying Kiwi

Kate Last is The Last Rights

Joe Orton is The WereWulf

Abbi Oakley  is Abbi-Gale Storm

Kylie is The Smiley Assassin

Sarah Henderson is The Blonde Bombshell

Leigh Ireland is The Virus

Sarah Swinners is The Antidote

Mark Scholefield is The Proposer


Jo Hudson is The Funeral Planner

Faye Neighbour is The Million Dollar Fay-Be

Jess Hargreaves is The Northern Spreadsheet

Claire Macdonald is Rowdy Roddy Maccers

And Bea Chew and Bea Foster are a tag team of The B-52 Bombers