PrettyGreen With A Christmas Card

To save the planet or not, that’s the question. Or is the question to save money or not.

When it comes to Christmas cards, it’s an emotive subject, do we put the money towards a charity, buy a donkey, plant a tree, knit a hat, or do we create a viral, singing Christmas card.

Given the Publicis “I’ve got a Feeling” effort, maybe not a singing Christmas card (yes we know it’s not a Christmas card, but it’s posted at Christmas, so we’re going to say it is (and it’s our blog).

Well actually neither this year, we’ve gone old skool, and we’re actually sending Christmas cards. Last year we sent everyone a tree and this year we thought it that not enough people send cards anymore. OK it’s actually something a little different, but it’s still a card of sorts.

But as ever we’ve had to have a production line to get over 300 cards made-up, collated, stamped and posted. Late nights from Hamish and Pete amongst others to get them all done in time. We’re looking forward to seeing all the pictures of them being used!!!

There are also some great ones that Creative Review have been talking about that are worth a look